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Drainage Study, cement plant Shetpe


Witteveen+Bos has completed a drainage study for a greenfield cement plant near Shetpe, Mangystau Region.


CaspiCement is in the process of constructing a greenfield cement plant near the village of Shetpe, Mangystau Region, Kazakhstan. During heavy rainfalls it appeared that the constructed drainage system is not working properly, as:

  • the rainfall runoff water in the surrounding of the plant flows to the trenches (the permeability of the soil is low)
  • the soil of the trenches is eroded by the water flow (the top soil layer consists of very fine material)
  • the culverts were filled up with eroded materials
  • natural ditches and underground piping occurred causing soil instability (under the fine material there is a layer of coarse material).

Witteveen+Bos has completed a drainage study by:

  • Assessment of the local hydrological situation
  • Determination of the critical surface levels at the plant
  • Determination on flow speeds, where additional stability measures are needed to prevent erosion
  • Advice for a representative storm situation for the design on basis of general information and pragmatic assessment
  • Calculating the existing situation by Sobek Rainfall Run-off (RR) and Sobek Channel Flow (CF) as a reference for the initial situation (on basis of the preliminary site grading plan) to assess the current problems
  • Selecting a mitigation measure plan calculated and optimized with Sobek RR en CF
  • Concept design of the drainage system introducing modified and new trenches and culverts, several new weirs and a storm water collection basin.