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Ural River Access and Module Offload Facility FEED design


TengizChevrOil is considering a large scale expansion of capacity at the existing Tengiz oil field. They have adopted a modularized construction strategy, with modules constructed both at Kazakh coastal fabrication yards and at fabrication yards world-wide.

The completed modules will be loaded onto barges and delivered to a Port or Module Offloading Facility (MOF) to be constructed on the Ural River close to Atyrau. The modules will then be offloaded from the barges and transferred to specialized multi wheeled road transporters for initial transport to a temporary Module Staging Facility (MSF) close to Atyrau. Finally the modules will be transported from the MSF to Tengiz along a new, purpose built Heavy Haul Road.

The project location consists of the Ural River, from the mouth of the river up to the MOF and the location of the MOF near Atyrau. For the location of the MOF, 2 potential sites have been selected by TengizchevrOil, an existing port area (approx. 37 km up river from the Caspian Sea) and a green field port area (approx. 20 km up river from the Caspian Sea).

Witteveen+Bos carried out:

  • FEED design of the MOF and MSF for both locations
  • FEED design of Ural river access
  • Cost estimates river access, MOF and MSF
  • Preparations of specifications
  • Hydraulic boundary conditions
  • Navigation study
  • Dredging study offshore the Ural river
  • Scope of works bathymetric survey, riverbed geotechnical survey, topographic survey, onshore geotechnical survey and demolition survey
  • Commissioning and supervising bathymetric survey, riverbed geotechnical survey and environmental riverbed sampling survey.