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Design quay and reclamation works MCCI Yard


McDermott Caspian Contractors Inc. (MCCI) are planning to expand their activities to Kazakhstan. They intend to construct a fabrication yard on the east shores of TupKaraganskiy Bay in the Bautino region on an area to be reclaimed from the Caspian Sea. This land is owned by TenizService LLP (TS).

In September 2008 Witteveen+Bos Kazakhstan was contracted by TS as design and engineering consultant for the land reclamation. These activities comprise full engineering surveys (subcontracted to CaspianGeoServices), basic and detailed design of the quay side with waterfront depths up to 9.0 meters, a full Environmental Impact Assessment (subcontracted to NIPINeftegas JSC) and permitting of the project in local and state authorities.

The biggest technical challenge of this project is the combination of high surface loads with large water depths in front of the quay side and the proven difficult soil layers, which ask for a short sheet pile design.

Design works were completed early 2009 and the project was then submitted to the various authorities to obtain the required design approvals. The process of obtaining all permits turned out to be difficult, mainly due to the absence of clear regulations and to sometimes conflicting procedures in Kazakh legislation for reclaiming land from the sea. All permitting issues haven been solved and permitting of the project is completed. Final approval from GOS Expertise, the 'Positive Conclusion' was received by the end of June 2009.